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Multicast Beacons


Multicast beacon matrixes visualize current global multicast connectivity. At the local level Trinet switches' support for SSM and/or IPv6 multicast is poor, but IPv4 ASM should work without problems.

IPv4 Funet Beacon

IPv6 Funet Beacon

IPv4 NORDUnet Beacon

IPv6 SWITCH Beacon

↓ Sources \ Recipients →123456
ixmp2.switch.ch1 4XX51014
cetitlan.switch.ch2XX XX4711
lumpi.switch.ch3XX3 5913
godric.switch.ch4XX43 1014
eie-beacon.grnet.gr5XX6XX9 14

Matrix cell colors: Full connectivity (ASM and SSM)X ASM onlyX SSM onlyX Loss > 15%X Loss > 45%X

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